Completion, Ongoing and activities. 

Thus far, we have completed a good sized residence for the lamas and others in charge of the project, public restrooms, storage house and a temporary temple for the ongoing monthly Dharma events that have been taking place since last February.  

With the support of Tibetan Aid Foundation our ongoing works include the construction of four rooms for the Odiyana Clinic, a long concrete fence all around the land and a sizable kitchen for regular public events and daily workers. 

Construction on Odiyana Temple is planned to begin this summer. 

Our celebration on February 16th 2022 was the first official gathering on the land.  The event was graced by many government dignitaries as well as spiritual heads.  Around six hundred people were gathered from all walks of life.  To the joy of all participants, Tulku Orgyen Rinpoche announced his aspiration for the benefit of many with the means of three projects for generations to come.  Ever since, gatherings have been held twice every month and occasional holy days have also been celebrated.